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Online scoring in Ultimate Mahjong

Ultimate Mahjong features an online scoring system which allows you to compete with all the other Mahjong users around the world. To use this system you must be connected to the Internet.

Whenever you complete a tile layout you will get a score based on how well you performed, (click here to see how the scoring system works). For every layout, you will have a local scoreboard, which records the top-10 scores from games played on just your computer.

As well as having a local scoreboard for every layout, there is also an online scoreboard, which lists the top-10 scores from anyone in the world. By uploading your scores to the Internet, you can compete to get a place on this online scoreboard. (click here to see how to upload your scores).

You can view the online scoreboard by first loading a layout and then going to
"View->Display Online Highscores" on the menu. This will open up a website where you can view the top-10 scores. If you have achieved a high enough score, and uploaded it then your name will be on this scoreboard.

The highest score for every layout will also be show in the "Select tile layout" window, in the "online statistics" section.


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