Ultimate Mahjong - Online Help

Select a tile layout screen

This screen allows you to select a layout to play. Doing this will end your current game. Just choose a layout from this list and press the "Load tile layout" button.

'Prev' and 'Next' buttons
These buttons can be used to scroll through the list of available layouts, one by one.

Online statistics
The online statistics allow you to view global statistics on each tile layout. These statistics are automatically refreshed when you view this screen, Ultimate Mahjong will connect to the Internet and download them. If you try and view online statistics when you are not connected to the Internet then you will see your last set of statistics instead.

Times played
This shows how many times the selected layout has been played by anyone in the world. This is a good indication of how popular the layout is.

Highest score
This will show the highest recorded score for the selected layout, if you beat this then your score will be displayed here! (as long as you upload your scores).

Highest scorer
This will show the name of the person who achieved the highest score. If you beat that person's score then you will get your name here, for all to see.

Fastest time
This will show the fastest recorded time that the selected layout has been completed in. Note that in order for your time to be recorded you must also achieve a place on the online scoreboard.


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