Ultimate Mahjong - Online Help

Highscores table

The highscores table shows the top 10 scores achieved for the current tile layout.

The total time taken to complete the game.

Hints used
The total number of hints that were used.

Tiles left
The number of tiles left in the playing area when the game ended. It is possible to get a high score even if there are tiles left over, however there is a large score bonus for clearing all tiles.

Final score
The final score, after all penalties have been taken off.

Rest scores button
This will erase all the scores, you wont be able to get them back afterwards.

Upload scores to website

Pressing this button will upload your set of scores to the Internet so that you can compete against other Mahjong players around the world. If your scores were high enough they will appear on the high score board on the Ultimate Mahjong website.

To see the online highscores go to: "View->Display online highscores"


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