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How do I create a tile layout?

Ultimate Mahjong features a built-in Tile layout editor, which is very easy to use. To access the layout editor mode, go to "Tile layout->Create/Edit tile layout" on the menu bar.

From here you get the chance to either edit an existing layout, or to create an entirely new one. To edit a layout, select it from the list box and then press "Edit selected". To create a new layout, choose "Create new layout".

Non playable layouts (those with less than 144 tiles) will also be displayed on this screen.

The layout editor mode

You will now be in the layout editor, you should be able to move a semi-transparent tile around using your mouse, this is the placement tile.

The controls are simple, to place a tile, just click the left mouse button, this will 'drop' a tile into the layout. You will notice that the placement tile will automatically be raised, ready to place another tile on top of the one you just placed. The placement tile will always reflect where the next tile will appear.

To remove a tile from the layout, just put the mouse cursor over the tile you want to remove and click the right mouse button.

You will be able to place up to 144 tiles, at which point your layout will become playable. You will not be able to play a layout with less that 144 tiles.

Once you are happy with your layout, go to "File->Save" to save it. It will then appear in the list whenever you go to play a tile layout.

Create random layout
Going to "Options->Create random layout" will randomly place all 144 tiles.

Deleting a layout
If you wish to remove a layout then first load it by going to "File->Open" and then go to "File->Discard" this will permanently delete the current layout.

Leaving the editor
To return to the main screen and continue your game, go to "File->Exit editor".


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