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Helping hand
This selection of menu items provides you with a set of hints and cheats for when you get stuck. Using most of these will have a negative impact on your score, so it's not advisable to use them if you are trying to get on the scoreboard.

Hint at a move
Highlights 2 matching, free tiles. Although useful, this hint doesn't necessarily show the move that's worth the most points. The tiles will be highlighted in bright green, although it will only last a few seconds, so you will still have to be quick to spot both tiles.

Show all free pieces
Highlights all free tiles. All tiles which are potentially selectable will glow green for a few seconds and then fade back.

Peek at layer below
This interesting hint allows you to remove an entire layer of tiles and see the tiles underneath. Once you have chosen this hint, click on a tile, the layer which that tile is on will momentarily disappear, allowing you to see the tiles below. As with all hints, this one only lasts a few seconds, so you only get a peek.

Match chosen piece
After selecting this hint, click any tile. All of the matching tiles, free or otherwise will be highlighted for a few seconds.

Shuffle the pieces
This will take all the remaining tiles in play and shuffle their positions around, this can be useful if you are running low on available moves. If you ever run out of available moves, you will be given the option to shuffle the pieces and continue playing.


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