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Ultimate Mahjong's features

Ultimate Mahjong is packed full of features which make it rise above other Mahjong games, here are just a few:

+ Play using 2D or 3D view modes
Ultimate Mahjong allows you to quickly switch between 2D and 3D, it doesn't matter which you use though, as they both look great.

+ Create your own Mahjong tile layouts
The layout editor which comes integrated into the game couldn't be easier or more intuitive to use, create tile layouts to challenge you or your friends.

+ Create your own tile image sets
Put your own images onto Mahjong tiles and make your own custom tile image set. Images can be any size or format for total ease of use.

+ Compete against your family and friends
See who is the best Mahjong player by getting your score on the top-10 scoreboard. You can even upload your scores to our website and compete against the rest of the world on the online scoreboard!

+ Amazing special effects
Watch tranquil butterflies flutter around the screen and fade away, in 3D mode set up colored lights or choose from a list of lighting themes. Ultimate Mahjong is full of visual effects which make it even more fun.

+ Original music
Ultimate Mahjong comes with a selection of soothing oriental music created specially for the game.

+ Get a hint
If you get stuck or need help finding a move then there is a selection of hints available to you, everything from peeking below a layer to matching a chosen tile.

+ Unlimited undo
If you make a bad move and need to go back then there is an undo feature, which can undo an unlimited number of moves.


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